Who we are

UjjBhav is a social initiative that began in 2015 with the aim of fighting farmer suicides in Vidarbha District of Maharashtra, the epicentre of the Indian agrarian crisis. In UjjBhav’s mentorship program and peer to peer community, deprived farmers are connected with successful farmers and professionals in agriculture field to foster information sharing and community support. In this way, farmers are given support and access to free information to make optimal use of resources at hand. 


The Problem

Limited Access of Information to Farmers

3 in 5 farmers have limited or no access to information starting from crop selection to crop realisation.

Barren and Unproductive Land

Ineffective utilisation of barren and uncultivable community land in Maharashtra, India

What we do

    We focus on four strategic goals that help drive agricultural transformation and that ensure this transformation is inclusive: increase agricultural productivity for smallholder farmers; increase smallholder farmer household income; reduce barren community land by planting trees; and increase enrollment of government schemes in agriculture. Ujjbhav runs completely on a mobile based application and ground support.

  • We connect retired farmers and successful agricultural professionals to deprived farmers.
  • We develop weekly, monthly, and seasonal reports for cost benefit analysis.
  • We organise weekly farmer community meetups for tree plantation project.
  • We provide farmer directories to develop a peer to peer network.
  • We help farmers avail government schemes and connect them to credit sources.
  • We assist farmers in installing in-farm solar panels and water bodies.

Mission Progress

Trees Planted


Farmers Connected

516 Families


48 Members

Our Vision

Ujjbhav will be expanding to over 5,000 farmers by 2019. We are focused to create a network of farmers using technology all over India. We also aim to plant a million trees in the coming 10 years to reduce barren community land throughout the country.


Aarnav Aggarwal

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Aarnav Aggarwal leads the foundation's efforts for farmer development. He shapes foundation strategies, advocates for the foundation’s issues, and sets the organization’s overall direction.

BR Kathalkar

Chief Strategy Officer

BR Kathalkar leads the foundation's efforts to build strategic relationships with governments and other key partners to increase program awareness, action and resources.

Sachin Wakande

Chief Human Resources Officer

Sachin Wakande leads the HR, facilities, events, and travel functions in creating a climate where volunteers and farmers thrive while supporting the foundation’s missions.

Rahul Khedkar

Head of Operations

Rahul Khedkar leads foundation’s operational functions.

Akshay Kathalkar

President, Growth and Opportunity

Akshay Kathalkar is president of the Growth & Opportunity division

Ashok Khare


Ashok Khare helps shape our vision and develop strategies


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